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General Info

2021.06.03EVENT Cosplay de UMIGOMI Zero award 2021 4 persons(Twitter 2 persons、Instagram 2 person) will receive as a present the autograph of the voice actors in the jury, chosen randomly from those who participate in the Follow & Retweet (with hashtag) and Like campaign on both Twitter and Instagram! (Facebook)
2021.06.01WCS2021 "World Cosplay Summit" NFT Art with Event Sponsorship Right (Facebook)
2021.03.01WCS2021 The participation rules for the 2021 World Cosplay Championship are now available on the WCS2021 official website!
2021.01.29WCS2021 Announcement of "World Cosplay Summit 2021
2020.10.01NEWS Information from the World Cosplay Summit in Crowdfunding
2020.09.10NEWS WCS local organizers are streaming on WCS Twitch/YouTube channel this weekend to save WCS!
2020.08.17WCS2020 Regarding the novel coronavirus infection of a performer involved in the "World Cosplay Summit 2020 ONLINE" event
2020.08.6WCS2020 Regarding the "Announcement related to infection of affiliated talent" release by Fortune Entertainment Inc.
2020.08.3WCS2020 World Cosplay Summit 2020 Online Event Ended
2020.07.24WCS2020 Cosplay Zoom Gathering supported by "WorldCosplay from Cure" is now recruiting participants for the show!
2020.07.17NEWS A Twitch account has been set up for the World Cosplay Summit. (Go to the official website.)
2020.07.15NEWS The "Hococos - Minami-Otsu Street Pedestrian Paradise COSPLAY", which was scheduled to be held in November 2020 the It has been decided to cancel the event.
2020.07.06LAGCOS This year's all-night pool and amusement park event is back! #Lagcos2020 is coming! (Jump to the official website.)
2020.07.01wcs2020 The World Cosplay Summit 2020 ONLINE is coming up! This year WCS will be held on the Web!
2020.06.26WCS2020 Online presentation of the WCS2020 via webcast(JP/Nico Nico Live Broadcast).
2020.06.19NEWS The official website of the World Cosplay Summit has been renewed.
2020.06.12WCS2020 Information about the World Cosplay Summit 2020